Friday, March 23, 2012


Anonymous said...

Actually, he did use the responsibility to protect doctrine, if not in its name then in its substance. His initial campaigns were to defend ethnic Germans, living as minorities in other countries, from purported attacks.

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At least Hitler had the pretext of protecting Germans. The postwar settlement had carved up Germany which created the conditions for all sorts of revanchist claims once Hitler came to power. There was Austria which was explicity denied the right to join the German union by the Allies. There were also the Sudetan Germans in Czechslovakia. And there was the Danzig, a city that was 90 percent German but was now within the borders of newly independent Poland. Hitler's claims were not altogether illegitimate even if they were a pretext for conquest.

Now the US (or UN or NATO) is proclaiming ultimate sovereignty by saying they have the responsibility to protect people they declare are being victimized by their governments. It is a direct assault on national sovereignty and recipe of endless war.

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