Friday, June 12, 2009


Dr. Caryl Heaton said...

Not helpful, Mr. Kelly, make fun of people who have skimmed money out of the health care system for 40 years and don't want anything to change so they can continue.

Anonymous said...

And what "change" is being offered? It seems Mr Obama and his crew are trying to give the US socialized medicine on the installment plan. With the economy reeling from years of government overspending, now is hardly the time to foist yet another government unfunded entitlement onto the American people. Sure there are problems with the current system but those problems are of the government's making. Fraud is rampant in programs like Medicare and Medicaid and they encourage wasteful and irresponsible consumption. Advocates of national health insurance argue that the government will make the health care industry more efficient. Is that a joke?! Since when does government do anything more efficiently than the private sector?

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